Class 2

Class 2: Mrs Carpenter and Mrs Lusi


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bailey, Mrs McCreadie and Mrs Paul


Class 2 is a mixed class of years 3-6 children who work collaboratively, across a range of subjects, in a creative environment where every day learning is carried out in an exciting and challenging way.

The children are lucky enough to be taught by two teachers with many years’ experience and to be supported by TAs that hold HLTA qualifications. During morning lessons children are split into lower and upper key stage classes in order to be taught Maths and English; this ensures that a focused, relevant and personalised curriculum can be delivered to smaller groups of children and ensures that progress and attainment can be carefully monitored and children can thrive.

The children’s learning journey is based on a global led curriculum where the experiences they have are factual, inspiring and engaging. Our topics always include ‘stunning starts’ and ‘fantastic finishes’ that really enthuse the children. These can include experiences such as dressing up in costumes from the era, cooking, trips, art work etc. They will have the opportunity to learn through visits to and from a variety of places and companies that will bring their ensuing knowledge to life and stimulate their imaginations.

All the children in the class work towards achieving our school values; the overriding one of which is respect-something we insist the children show at all times in all situations. We believe in taking care of our school and each other and have a clear behaviour policy that the children adhere to. We love to celebrate the children’s achievements and reward them with credits, ‘caught being good’ coins, reading awards and star badges when they reach certain milestones. Children strive towards being a VIP member of the class which is awarded at our very exciting assemblies to those children who have gone above and beyond in school with their behaviour, attitude, accomplishments or simply just for being kind and caring. We love to celebrate their achievements out of school too and encourage them to bring in any certificates or awards from home in order to achieve a Head teacher’s award.

Class 2 pupils have lots of opportunities to join in a range of extra-curricular activities including Hotshots basketball, Pacesetters sports, our school choir, cookery club and an assortment of competitions and events linked to our cluster secondary school. For one whole term a year we also attend weekly swimming lessons and receive a terms worth of tuition from the NMPAT music service where children have the opportunity to learn to play a variety of instruments including the clarinet, the ukulele and the drums. We are also able to arrange individual violin and guitar lessons through the same service.

Class 2 prides itself on excellent team spirit, trust and friendship. Pupils support each and play together and really do work hard to create a happy and healthy environment. It’s definitely a place we love to be!