Brington History Society


This group has held regular monthly meetings in the Reading Room for seven months of the year since the early 1980’s. Members are drawn from Brington parish and surrounding villages. Currently there are 65 members and attendances at monthly meetings average 40 people.  Speakers – once or twice a year from among its membership – cover a wide range of subjects concerning local (or not so local) history.  Members also enjoy two to three summer outings to places of special interest, usually preceded or followed by picnics or refreshments.  Recent “features” of the Society’s calendar have included a social evening with a Members’ Museum & Exhibition and a “Looking Back” programme when local residents are interviewed about their past village lives. 

Interested members have also been involved in CLASP (Community Landscape & Archaeology Survey Project) which concentrates on local Roman Sites.  Between 2004 and 2006 members were involved in an extensive field walking survey of the known Roman villa site at Sharoah Field, Nobottle.  In all, some 4 hectares were investigated.  A geophysical survey indicated the remains of stone walls associated with a villa complex and a large number of ditches, enclosures and pits. The date of the settlement derived from the initial analysis of the pottery and tiles found and some of the distinctive features identified in the geophysical survey indicate activity from pre-Conquest Iron Age to at least the 4th Century AD.  All the material from this recent survey is currently being processed and cleaned.


Winter Programme 2009-2010

21/09/09 Michael Leach - The History of the English Long Bow

19/10/09 Mary Whetnall - 600 Years of The Throckmortons

16/11/09 Social Evening – Brington Museum of Mystery Objects. Aspects of Brington Book Launch

11/01/10 Looking Back – Christine and Martin Whiley will reminisce about local life under the questioning of Gary Shaeffer

15/02/10 Paul Sharpling – Northamptonshire History Through Stained Glass

15/03/10 Stephen Hollowell – Henry Chichelle, Local Boy Made Good

19/04/10 Lady Hayter – The Lost Villages of Northamptonshire

Talks are held in the Reading Room at Great Brington at 8.00pm.

Annual Subscription £5.00 due in September 2009.



Chairman: Lance Taylor 01604 770097
Treasurer: George Vernon 01604 770605
Secretary: Andrew Shaw 01604 770668 (