Class 2


Class Teacher: Mrs Carpenter & Mrs Lusi

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bailey & Mrs Polhill

Class 2 is a mixed class of years 3-6 children who work collaboratively together in a creative environment where every day, learning is carried out in an exciting and challenging way.

The children's work is based on a global led curriculum which ensures that the learning they achieve is both relevant and inspiring. From visits to safari parks to Greek dancing to becoming aspiring apothecary's, children will have a plethora of learning opportunities to stimulate their imaginations. A
 newly introduced school uniform has instilled a real sense of pride in all pupils. 

All the children in the class respect and work towards our whole school values and are eager to wear wrist bands they receive in recognition of upholding the values daily. They strive to become our class 'star of the week' and also work hard to gain credits - a completed row is rewarded with bronze, silver and gold star badges. Being entered into the golden book or receiving a personal presentation award is also considered an honour and results in a head teachers award.

Class 2 pupils have lots of opportunities to join in a range of extra curricular activities including basketball, Pacesetters, maths/literacy club and also to attend secondary school cluster competitions and events. For one whole term a year we also attend weekly swimming sessions. We have access to a wide range of musical instrument tuition including learning to play the guitar, violin, cello, brass instruments and the ukelele. We have French lessons every week and PE specialists that help us learn how to play exciting sports such as tag rugby and hockey.

Class 2 prides itself on excellent team spirit, trust and friendship. Pupils enjoy being independent learners and are all there to support each other and the younger children in school.