Class 1


Welcome to Class One!  


Class Teacher : Mrs Stephenson/Mrs Palmer


Teaching Assistants : Mrs Brookes, Mrs McCreadie & Mrs Paul


We are a lively and happy mixed age class of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. We really enjoy learning through a Creative Curriculum and have learnt lots through exciting learning journeys such as 'Once Upon A Time', 'India', 'Australia', and many more. We are just starting our current topic 'Ice World' and are so excited to find out what adventures our next journey will take us on.


Our learning journeys always begin with a Stunning Start (once we had fairytale characters leave trails in our School), then towards the half term we have our Marvellous Middle and our journey always ends with a Fantastic Finish (such as our Frozen Day, Madhatter’s tea party and the children served Indian food in our Restaurant to their parents!) 


We work really hard everyday to learn and practise our phonics which helps us learn to read and spell words when we write. We enjoy working in small groups with different adults during the day but also get lots of opportunities to work independently, choosing the activities we do but also making sure we complete our 'must do' tasks then we get to move our name on our super cool rocket. We have an outdoor area, creative area, reading area, investigation area, maths are and writing area that we love to go and work at with our friends.


Every week Mrs Stephenson chooses a 'Star of the Week' who gets the very special job of taking home and looking after Paddington Bear for the week. We have a special book too which we put pictures in and write about our adventures with Paddington so we can share them with everyone else back at school. We have to work really hard and stand out for the things we do in the week if we want to be chosen! We also earn credits for working hard, being kind and caring. If we earn enough credits we get a bronze, silver or even gold badge to wear. We also earn value points for being cooperative, trustworthy and showing good friendship. If we earn 5 points we get given a wristband to wear everyday!


We love working together as a class and really enjoy it when we get to work with the big children in class two. They do a great job of looking after us at lunchtime and playtime and also help us sometimes with our work. 


In class one we get a piece of yummy fruit everyday and we can also have milk if our Mummy's and Daddy's sign us up for it (children under 5 get it for free but parents still need to register). We also have very tasty hot school meals, cooked by Natalie for lunch, or we have a healthy packed lunch from home. 


We are all lovely friends in Class One and use the schools values to care for each other. We strive to do our best at all times and be the best we can be!